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Local Secrets Project Local Secrets Project

Work Process: from Wireframes to Rapid Prototype and Designs

Brief, research and collaboration

I started this project by researching the type of business, persona types and the short and long term targets. Since the website was obsolete and quite cluttered, I suggested a wireframing process where stakeholders would collaborate by agreeing what exclude and include in each page.

Usability research. Wireframing

There were several usability tests done, including A/B testing and surveys. We tried to understand where certain items, such as subscription and navigation, would be located, not just accordingly to basic UX methods but, especially by the information users were providing us.

Rapid prototypes for quicker development

From this wireframing process, using Axure, with stakeholders commenting and signing off wireframes, we moved directly to a rapid prototype made with Photoshop and development with HTML/CSS/PHP. Despite the design phase is very important, if you wish to develop a stable brand, rapid prototyping quickly informs you about how certain elements will react and look in different devices.

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Local Secrets Project Local Secrets Project